Care Instructions

Summer Sweet Designs collections are designed to be worn and loved, handcrafted with lots of added special details, using the best quality of supplies like Natural Gemstones, 14k Gold Filled, Raw Brass and Gold Plated Components, with this, we are looking forward to use the wide variety of beautiful materials that are available and also to create some fancy and stunning pieces at much more affordable prices.

Here is a list with some tips to help you make your jewelry last longer, either if its Gold Filled, Gold Plated, Brass or even solid Gold.

* Keep it Dry, always apply make up, perfume, lotions, hairspray before putting on your jewelry, as these may contain harsh chemicals that may damage it over time.

* Don't shower, swim or exercise with jewelry on.

* For extra care, after each wear gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of make up and skin oils with the polishing cloth provided or any other 100% cotton cloth.

* Store the jewelry in the box it came in when not being worn to prevent and minimize tarnishing.

* Don't sleep with your jewelry on.

* Never use abrasive chemicals to clean your jewelry, any alcohol based product can damage and tarnish any Gold Plated, Brass or Gold Filled irreparably.

* And last but not least, always remember: " First On, First Off "

 We really hope you enjoy and love your new SSD jewelry and that this tips help you keep them at their very best.


Summer Sweet Designs

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